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Bulk mailing is a requirement of most businesses on the Internet today. Whether its advertising your business or to send product updates, newsletters, and other materials to many recipients, you need a cost effective and efficient solution to send mass mail. Direct Mail is designed with this in mind. Its one of the best bulk mailing software available. Read on to know more about it.

What is Direct Mail?
Direct Mail is a powerful Bulk Mailing tool which sends a large number of e-mail directly recipient's mail server without using your ISP's SMTP server. It effectively turns Desktop Computer to a SMTP server. Since it mails directly using DNS, recipients get your message several times faster than using conventional e-mail systems. Direct Mail sends all email as regular email to prevent your legitimate mail being classified as junk by some mail filters (of Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, MSN Earthlink, Rediffmail etc.)

Some features of Direct Mail

Direct Mail is multithreaded utilizing as many as 50 threads simultaneously to send your e-mails. The speed is limited only to your connection.

Direct Mail itself acts as a SMTP relay sending mail directly recipient's mailbox without any other SMTP server. This makes it fast and reliable. If you choose you can use an external SMTP server for relaying.

The mail sent by most mailers invariably lands up in Junk mail folder of the recipient defeating the purpose. Direct Mail sends all email as regular email to prevent your legitimate mail being classified as junk by some mail filters.

You can get delivery and read confirmation.

It gives you feedback about mails delivered and not delivered. It gives you the exact errors such as 'user mailbox not present' or 'unknown user' thereby providing e-mail address verification.

Simple and intuitive interface, similar to Outlook Express. Direct Mail does not confuse the user with useless options.

You can also import your mailing list to the programs database. Once there you can add, delete, modify the listing as you see fit. Also you can import and export your mailing list.

Unlike other bulk mailers Direct Mail doesn't put all the addresses in the "To" field. This insures that your mailing list isn't divulged to anyone. Each e-mail is sent as if sent individually.

With a built-in DHTML editor you can compose and send HTML e-mails, with attachments. You can also personalize your e-mails with its database merging capabilities .

Direct Mail was made after studying a lot of bulk mailers. We added the best of the features available and added some of our own. To top it all you get it at a cheaper price than most other bulk mailers. Download a trial version today.

Download Trial (6.1 MB)       Buy Now ($69.95 through secure online form)

- Version available for download: 1.2

Trial version Direct Mail cannot send more than 50 emails and will carry a message in the subject and footer of the email.

Minimum Requirements

Direct Mail requires MDAC (Microsoft Database Access Components). You probably already have them installed. If you get an error that a required file is missing then you can download the MDAC setup from the Microsoft Website - http://www.microsoft.com/data/download_260rtm.htm (This URL is subject to change).

Windows 98, NT 4.0, ME, 2000, XP
Pentium class processor 233 MHz or above, 32 MB RAM
6 MB of free disk space
Direct connection to Internet (Access to port 25)

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