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Doorway Page Wizard is the ultimate tool in a Search Engine Optimizers' (SEO) toolkit. It is unlike any doorway page generator you have seen.

Doorway Page Wizard guides you through a step by step process to create Doorway pages for your website. Doorway pages contain keywords and Meta-Tags that describe your website and are optimized to the search parameters of leading engines. They help improving ranking in search engines. Each Doorway page is specially tuned to a particular keyword search. When an internet user does a search, your doorway pages will show up and lead them directly to your main site. This is a proven and effective way to increase traffic to your website.

Doorway Page Wizard can create hundreds of doorway pages in a matter of minutes, a task if manually done will take many hours if not days to complete and a lot of hard work.

The amount of competition on the Internet today is only surpassed by what it will be tomorrow. If you think it's tough to get traffic now, then prepare to be shocked in the coming weeks and months as it gets harder and harder. Mainstream businesses are moving online in a big way and bringing along their massive marketing budgets to drive traffic into their sites. The smaller operator has to get smart fast to compete!

You Need To Be In the Search Engines To Succeed!

That's hardly a surprise is it? But do you really know how important it is? The fact is, most Internet sites report that 86% of their traffic comes from the major search engines. And everyone agrees that if you're not listed in the first page of results, you might as well not be there at all! You can be sure that if you're not, your competition will be, meaning they're taking business away from you every time someone does a web search!

Your Current Front Page Will Not Rank Well

And ironically enough, that's likely because you've spent time and money optimizing it so it will be as interesting, relevant and interactive as you can possibly make it! Your hard work is actually working against you!

You see, when a search engine sends it's spider to index your page, it sees something very different than what a web surfer sees. And the problem is that a page that will interest a surfer will be very uninteresting to a spider, meaning your fantastic web site will be passed over in favor of less feature-rich sites!

The reason is that design elements that make a page look good, like graphic images, frames, navigation bars, Javascript, applets, etc, are completely irrelevant to a spider. In fact, they can "clutter" a page so that spiders don't find the relevant text they need to index your page properly.

The Search Engines May Be Penalizing You

The algorithms driving the major search engines are becoming more and more complex every day. That's because they're all competing with one another to offer their users the most relevant content on every search. And unfortunately for some, a lot of these changes are designed to weed out more and more sites in an effort to eliminate spammers that try to "trick" the engines into driving users into their sites.

Unfortunately, the measures the search engines are taking to fight the spammers can sometimes affect legitimate sites like yours, and actually reduce your ranking!

Here are a few things that may affect your ranking

Repeated Keywords: Spammers often do things like "free money free money free money free money" in an effort to lure people in. But the engines also look for keyword frequency as a measure of what the page is about, so you have to repeat your important keywords. So how can you know if you're not going over the top? Doorway Page Wizard will make sure you have the correct balance, so you've not classified as a spammer and possibly banned from a search engine!

Fonts and Headings: Some spammers try to "hide" keywords in their pages using hard to read colors and font sizes or try to blend them in the background. Most of the search engines can detect such things now. If you're not careful with your fonts, headings and colors, legitimately small text can be mistaken for spam. Doorway Page Wizard page templates will make sure your fonts and headings are spam-free!

Irrelevant Meta Tags: Some spammers use meta tags that have little or nothing to do with the content of a site to lure people in. The engines watch for this by measuring the degree of relevancy between the text on your site and your meta tags. If you're not careful, your meta tags may wind up hurting instead of helping you! Doorway Page Wizard insures that meta data matches with the page content.

Doorway Pages

Doorway Pages (also known as gateway, bridge, or jump pages) are web pages specifically created for a given search term and optimized for the algorithm used by a particular search engine. This page then provides a prominent "Click Here To Continue" link to the main page of your site, or the better ones redirect people seamlessly into the main page of the site. Doorway pages are typically very "light" pages, in that they contain little or nothing in the way of pretty formatting, colors, tables, Javascript, images, etc. Instead, the HTML code is minimized to get as many important key words and phrases near the top of the page as possible.

Doorway pages are the only way to really optimize a given page for a particular keyword search. The best part is, you can have many doorway pages, each optimized for a different search term, meaning you'll draw in the maximum possible amount of traffic.

Some features of Doorway Page Wizard

Easy to use :- Doorway Page Wizard takes you through easy steps to create effective Doorway pages. You just have to enter some details and it fetches rest of the information by itself. Though a help file is included, we bet you won't have to use it.

Keyword suggestion :- Doorway Page Wizard will suggest you similar or perhaps better keywords based on your current keywords and website's content.

Targeted Doorway Pages :- Every Doorway page created is optimized and specially tuned for a particular keyword or keyphrase.

Optimized Templates :- Doorway Page Wizard uses several optimized templates to generate Doorway pages. New and more optimized templates will be periodically available on this page which you can download and import into Doorway Page Wizard.

Intelligent :- Doorway Page Wizard is "intelligent" and creates Doorway Pages which appear to have been manually made and contain genuine content. Its unlike other Doorway Page creators which simply dump all your keywords in one place and risk being recognized as spam by search engines.

Navigation structure :- Each Doorway Page created by Doorway Page Wizard has a navigation linking it to other Doorway Pages. This means that search engine spiders can index all the doorway pages easily from any one of the page.

Custom Text :- You can include custom Text/HTML you want to appear on all the doorway pages. For instance, you can use this to insert a copyright message, banner ad, or a hit tracking script in every doorway page.

No knowledge of HTML required :- No knowledge of HTML or Javascript is required, Doorway Page Wizard takes care of everything.

Advanced Cloaking / Redirection Options [New] :- Doorway Page Wizard can hide the doorway page content from your visitors and show them your normal website. Advance Cloaking techniques insure your pages are indexed and are not exposed to others.

Customizable Templates [New] :- You can easily customize all the templates and meta tags as per your requirements.

Crosslinking [New]:- You can link the doorway pages to one or more of your websites or to multiple pages within the same website.

Typo generation [New] :- More than 10% of all searches made are mistyped or misspelled. Typoed versions of search terms account for a considerable amount of traffic while the competition is generally less fierce. Doorway Page Wizard can generate common Typos/Misspellings for your keywords and add them to the doorway pages.

Advanced HTML Formatting [New] :- Doorway Page Wizard Professional provides several HTML cleaning and formatting options which insure standards compliant and search engine friendly HTML.

FTP Uploader [New] :- Doorway Page Wizard Professional comes with an integrated FTP Uploader to easily upload doorway pages to your website.

No links or ads :- Doorway Page Wizard Professional does not put any links (other than ones of your choosing) or identifying text in your doorway pages.

We could have listed more features here, but I think you get the idea. If you are still unsure we are offering you a FREE trial of Doorway Page Wizard (Professional). No purchase required, try Doorway Page Wizard for 14 days free of cost. No purchase obligation after 14 days, purchase only if you are satisfied with it.

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